Featured Artist

Salvador Duran


Salvador Duran was born in the mining town of Cananea, Sonora. As a young adult, he was unhappy about many social, economic and political circumstances in Mexico and he became involved with the movements, activism, freedom movements, criticizing circumstances in the country.

These movements sent Duran to Central America and other areas of Latin America. But speaking up brought consequences.

One of Duran’s paintings hangs on a wall at Solar Culture, his second home.

Duran remembers friends who were kidnapped and never found. Others returned with tales of torture…Then, those stories hit home. The artist’s lifetime has seen many losses and he’s tunneled that pain into pencil drawn images portrayed on his paintings or a verse he sings in Spanish during live performances.

Duran moved to Tucson 15 years ago and fell in love with the warmth of the people. The comfort he found there gave him the connection he needed.

He has continued to blend his music and his paintings. And in that relationship between painting and music, he thought of the phrase, “I sing my paintings and I paint my music.”

The work he has created together with Zee Haag is not to be missed. It takes a fine eye to see some of Duran’s artistic work hidden within the gemstone pieces created by Haag.

Custom commissioned artwork is available.