Jeff Homchick

Jeff is a stonemason, lapidarist and artist who has been working in the marble and stone trade for over 38 years. He began as a mason and apprentice to several Italian stonemasons in Seattle at a time when the trade was very exclusive. Homchick is one of the youngest masons to ever achieve the master craftsmanship status. He has become known worldwide for his design work, ability to identify the integrity of entire blocks of marble and has established the largest inventory of thin-cut stone in the world.

Our History

A fresh addition to the art community of Sun Valley, Stone Art Gallery opened its doors July, 2017. For years, the well-known mountain town has been a host to dozens of galleries and working artists with studios or gallery spaces. Sun Valley is a place of history and artistic expression and so much more than just America’s first-destination ski resort.

In the late 60s, Glenn Cooper (later Janss) came to Sun Valley to start a new life with her five children after the death of her first husband. She had been living in Los Angeles and was nominated by the Los Angeles Times as “Woman of the Year” for her contributions to the arts – specifically, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. While recovering from a hip injury one winter, a family friend and Sun Valley Resort owner Bill Janss (later to become her husband) asked Glenn if she could help develop an art center for Sun Valley. She did, forming the Sun Valley Creative Art Workshops in 1969 and becoming

instrumental in both the development of what would become the Sun Valley Summer Symphony and the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in later years. Nearly 50 years ago, Glenn Cooper Janss essentially created a space for the galleries and artists to thrive in Sun Valley

Although Homchick has been creating stone art for over 35 years, he is pleased to finally be able to share his work in the gallery scene of Sun Valley.

The Sun Valley Gallery Association hosts nine Gallery Walks, which are free to the public. Locals and visitors enjoy acclaimed artists, sip wine, mingle with friends and browse for unique pieces to add to, or start, their collections. We hope you take the time to stop in our gallery and see all that we have to offer. You will not be disappointed!